Monster High Speed 4K HDR HDMI Cable with Built-in Red LED Light – 4ft

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Get 4K Resolution with the Monster HDMI 4-foot 2.0 Carbon Cable. Connecting any two devices, you’ll get some of the most striking displays possible. With speeds up to 60 HZ (Cycles Per Second) and 21 Gigabytes, you’ll be able to have the fastest video available in incredible quality. Your Color Resolution will be crisp and life-like on many presentations, allowing for greater visibility and more robust images than before. With the recent surge in OLED and QLED TV support, Monster has adapted their HDMI Cable to support these models, facilitating their expansion for home use. With a Locking Connector on our device, you’ll avoid the signal interference and other common problems found with some cables. Get started and connect today with the Monster HDMI 4-foot 2.0 Carbon Cable.

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  • Supports Up To 4K Resolution: Provide crisp HD-quality video, up to and including 4K Resolution, one of the most vivid displays currently available.
  • 60 HZ + 21 GBPS = Perfectly Fast: At speeds of 60 HZ and 21 Gigabytes per second, you’ll get faster 4K video, while also getting the best quality imaginable in the same instant.
  • Life-like Color Saturation: At 16 bits, your colors will be striking and almost life-like in many instances. The results will transform the way you at your movies, TV shows, videos and gaming experiences forever.
  • Compatible with OLED and QLED TVs: In recent years, OLED and QLED models are becoming some of the most unique TVs available on the market. While debates continue to rage, even critics agree, the image presentations are often stronger in many instances. To that end, Monster’s cable is compatible with some of the latest OLED and QLED models to provide the best image quality possible for viewers.
  • Locking Connector Provide Better Connectivity: Our cable features Locking Connectors which allows for a stronger link between your devices, better reliability and less signal interference when watching movies, TV shows, videos or playing your favorite games.


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